Welcome on the website of “PROJECT VALVY”!


This is a Minecraft project led by GregVDD and co-executed by JoaoDaFonseca. The main goal is to achieve the living feeling of 1940 steam days in Belgium while developing the fictional city of Valvy and the surrounding area. Valvy is a fictional place somewhere in the Southern part of Belgium somewhere around 1940. The project started with a trainyard I was making with a couple of trains, later on, I wanted to make some scenery around the yard and so the idea of making a city out of Valvy sprouted.



Please appreciate that we’ve put a lot of our time in the project and that we ask to respect the copyright terms. You can share and use our project, as long as you mention the creators, website, any form of the right source! If you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us on our Twitter or on the website.

Special thanks to ImperiumMC, Nilzzz, CalamityGreen and Sweden223344455 for providing the trees into our project!