The “Brothers Steilagen” farmhouse and coalship “Da Fonscke”


Today we’ve made the new farmhouse in the area next to the new mainline. We’ve called it the “Brothers Steilagen” farmhouse, because its named after the place where the farm is located. Its a square farm with a barn and some fields next to it as you can see on the picture below.


We started building from an existing farm somewhere in Belgium, but we’ve used our creativity for sure. It’s a pretty small farm and it has a pasture for some cows situated next to the river “Bausoi”

We sure took a look at the details. We find it important and each little detail can add so much more life into place! We must say we are really pleased with the area, it  turned out as we planned, although we had some troubles making the electric cables.


The coalship “Da Fonscke”

During the lazy hours we made a coalship for the river. Its based on an American model but, again, with some creative mind we change it into a Belgian one. It’s named after JoaoDaFonseca, who put a lot effort into it, and reformed with a Dutch dialect accent, so that declares the name “Da Fonscke”.

We reshaped the river a bit into more natural and realistic forms.



We hope you like our latest builts and we’ll see you in the next update!

–  VdD Corporation  –

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