A religious day?!

Hello everyone!

Today it has been a bit of a religious day, we’ve built a little chapel next to the ” Brothers Steilagen” farm and a church for Valvy-West who will be in the center of Valvy-West, a city part of Valvy situated at the southbank from the river “Bausoi”. The big church has a Gothic style and is based on the church in Dinant, we’ve largely reconstructed it, and then used our inspiration, although it isn’t finished yet, we only have the front part.

At the moment we have used stone and andesite, because we didn’t find the right matching colours for it, for now we leave it like that.



A recent city has been added in the north of the world. Oetinghen is a real existing village in Belgium, and is the only name in this project that isn’t invented. We wanted to keep the original name for the original place, because Oetinghen is where GregVdD used to live, and it has become a place with a meaning.

!Note that the map is situated during 1940, so the village name is written in old grammar!

For now only the square, some trees on it and a few houses are made, the village will become bigger in later updates.

The houses are made by “VoxelDigger


Thank you for reading!

–  GregVDD

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