Puzzling, again?!

Hello everyone!

Today, an edgy day, or should I rather say, curvy day? We finally worked on a urgent point in the map, and that is the area before the station, where the trains want to enter/leave the yard. It was a messy place with a lot of switches, but finally we worked on it with full motivation. What also helped was that we planned out the area first before we started working on it.

I notice that each day we get better in working, figuring out stuff. The team communication is better and the planning improved! Great; lets keep it up that way ! 😀


We also decided to redesign the old train sheds next to the tram depot, they were kinda out fashioned lets say. Those sheds were one of the first buildings of the map along the signal house, but we thought we might wanna improve it. It was bit of an emotional part of the map, but we saved some pieces into our museum. YEAH, we have a museum here xD So much has changed since the beginning, so I felt like we had to save some of historical masterpieces that made this map how it became, and like the way it is now.

We had some fun when demolishing the building, as you can see in the following screenshots.


Stay in touch !




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