(Re) Designing??!

Hello everyone!

Today we are redesigning a few older builds. As you can see my house is being redesigned, it was soooo old the walls started to collapse… I called the architect and he instantly put his team to work. The builders are now working on it. We’ll see how it turns out.

As you can see too, we finally have sponsors! Well not really actually, but lets pretend we have them ingame! On the wall next to the railyard we made some advertisements from some brands, some you might recognize others are more older and local ones from Belgium around 1940.

Not only my house is being redesigned but also a new storage unit has been built! Its quit bigger and, yeh, the price also… But at least we have some ad income now so that should recover our costs!

It’s based on a real storage depot in Geraardsbergen. We still need to do the finishing touch, but there is  much to do and I only have 2 arms, well in Minecraft you actually only use one so..


This was the small update for now!



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