The late September update!

Welcome everyone!

The September update got delayed a lot, this time it isn’t because the trains were running late, it is because I missed a few trains….I should go to bed earlier…

Anyway, we did a lot of work on the houses next to the rail yard. The crossing was replaced with a bridge, because there were to many tracks so a regular crossing would have been dangerous! And we don’t want our lovely citizens to get hurt right?


The railway bridge is based on an existing one located in Oostende, in Belgium.

One big feature of the September update would have been that the station would be redesigned, or should I say, completely changed! I wanted to have the station of Ath being implemented, because the older one is just a school building that is way to fancy. I wasn’t really pleased with it so I wanted a real station.

Sadly the works on the station haven’t started yet… But the side building, and the street of the station are under construction! “Rue de Herzé” is a cozy nice road with a theater and some pubs, along with some beautiful trees that gives a cool shadow so you can have a drink under it in the hot summer.

Not only “Rue de Herzé” became fancy, on the corner of the Avenue Marie José we made some hotels and a cool bakery! People finally have the ability to buy food!

On “Square des Heros”, we made a memorial for the fallen soldiers during WWI. We have respect for the lost generation! They are the heroes of our future!


We’d like to thank everyone that supports us! We really appreciate it! Don’t forget to share our project with your friends and why don’t you come take a look on our alpha test server? Click here to get the IP!





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