Hi everyone!


First at all I wish you all a good and happy new year with lots of good wishes and all that kind of other stuff. We weren’t able to make the winter edition of Valvy because too many issues and we also haven’t got much time this period.

Anyway, we did do a lot of other work during the month December! The station did got a better and more smoother track layout and also new signals! Not only did we finished the station and the platforms, we started on the remake of the park and the city center!


Here you can see the new signals that are placed nearby the station entrance. Afterwards we planned out the park. The entrance got more realistic and with much more green, because, we do have to take care of the climate right? As you can see on the following pictures, we made new walking paths and also the big mansion of Valvy. It’s based on the real castle Ter Rijst somewhere located in Belgium.

We also recreated the pavilion out of the park of Enghien. We must stay, it looks quite astonishing…

Not only the park expanded but the city center did also, we made several new houses and a local bank.

As you can see, there has been done several things, Valvy still isn’t finished, and neither will it be in the next year, but little by little it all comes together.


We’d like to thank you all for your support!! We’ll keep you updated!


-Team Valvy

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