A lot, I guess

Hello everyone!

We’re back in business! And we did do a lot of things recently and I can’t really tell what kinda new thing was first… But let’s keep it that it is quite a lot!

After we finished that one city block, we finally finished the station square, with also a peaceful park and a statue. The tramlines are connected to the  new tram station next to the railway station, people can easily transfer to their trains. As of that, there is also now a big passenger bridge to access the platforms easier and much safer.

Not did we only finished the station square, but let’s say also the station! The track work is done, each platform in connected to the mainline and the mainline got extended towards the east! Also did we add a simple guardhouse for the railyard!


Tram-line 4 !

Yes, the NMVB (the tram company) will have a new tram line! It is a line that will go to the future harbor, it still is in development, but already looks quite nice, doesn’t it? It underpasses the mainline of Valvy with good looking tunnel or should I say bridge? Don’t really know what its like… Let’s call it Brunnel?


Anyway, that’s it for today!

Stay tuned!

-Team Valvy

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