Hello everyone!

We’ve found some time recently! We finished another cityblock, yay 😀 We now have a butcher in town! Ans some other local stores and groceries. The economy goes well….I think? There is still a bunch of debts but yeah, nevermind…

Also at a side street in Gaudin we made 2 new houses which made the street complete! This is a lot of progress for us actually.

The white corner houses became a little bar for the people across the bridge, the low class workers can have a cheap pint over there.

When getting closer to the actual city center we also finished the south street of the church square, some fancy houses were made. Good for the rich people who like to visit the church on their lazy Sunday. Or when they like to get their fresh baked croissants on the corner of the street.

Well that’s it for today folks!

Stay tuned!



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