Back to school?!

Hello everyone and welcome back to this new blog!

Burbaix’ church is finally finished and the citizens are happy too! Tho there is a problem they always come too late for the mess because they are illiterate and cant read time… So therefore we’ve built a school!

Of course I am just kidding, the people of Burbaix are nice good strong workers, the problem is they can’t stop making children and those need to be educated of course.

As you can see this is the entrance with a huge red gate, so those little bastards wont run away. The house on the right with the tree is the place they all fear the most, it is the headmaster’s office…

Although their school is also fun, they have a quit big play area and even a covered place for when it rains.

Attached to the building of their classrooms there is also their little gym. The kids do not only need to be good educated but also in a physically good condition right?

So that’s it for today! Stay tuned folks.



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