Overall focus

Hello everyone!

This is quite a big update! We finalized the countryside around the Bausoi. We got an eye out for the detail in this area to make it feel as natural as possible.

We discovered also a new technique for the phone cables. We now use glass panes so make the cables feel more thin and light and it works out pretty well we must admit.

Then we concentrate ourselves a bit more onto the urban area of Burbaix again. The place around the tram station got some new houses and improved detail. It still is a difficult place to get right.

After that we focused on a problem that was there already for a longer time. To be honest, we’ve forgotten it a bit actually… but…we have finally reworked the railway bridge over the Bausoi! The old bridge was too small and had a bad and less realistic shape. So we reworked it and it looks amazing!


The coalship DaFonske is also back! Stay tuned folks.



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