Summer upgrades at Burbaix

Hello everyone!

We’re back for a week and we’ve already built like a train with no brakes! First we started on finishing some old houses at the north of Burbaix.

The first house on the picture is the guards house of the rail yard, he sure checks there are no little kids messing around in the evening, cause it is dangerous with those trains running by in the dark!

As next we focused on a nice transition between the center of the village and the farms. Therefore we made this nice little farm behind the school.

On the corner of the street we made again a little house, the tram line cuts nicely between these two properties, it gives a nice view.

This place is so nice, isn’t it ? But we are so excited to be back so we just build even more! It was time to work a bit more on the city center itself. We have made a couple more houses, which gives the main street a more interesting view.

A couple more houses… that’s it? Well hell yeah it is! And they fit nicely, which slowly finishes the village of Burbaix. Every little thing or detail makes it have its full potential!

Here are some air photos from Burbaix. As you can see, there has been a lot of progress and we wont stop soon 🙂

That’s it for today, stay tuned!


Team Valvy

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