Waterworks at Rivès-bas-Montagne

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new blog! We’ve started working on the new village of Rivès-bas-Montagne. It is the most south village of the map and lays in a loop of a side river from the Bausoi.

As you can see we started making the terrains. Since the name says it, the village is located at the feet of that little mountain.

After that we started making the little island and the place for the locks.

The little side river is called the Persaise and is quite important for the economy of Valvy, since Bland et Bavre, also ships goods on water.

We started off making the locks and the bridge, it all went really smooth and fast. It was really enjoyable building it, it had such a relaxing feel.

As you can see on the pictures above, the bridge and the locks look awesome right? We immediately continued working on the rest of the island. Since we also updated to the 1.13 version, the seagrass is a really nice addition to the game, and makes it feel even more realistic.

After the island was done it was time to make some houses on it. The corner house is a bar and dormitory for possible shippers who like to take a brake. On the island there will be a couple more houses and a package house. Also will there be a nice kiosk and little town place for the people to relax.

The following pictures are some relaxing views on the further located village: Burbaix.


There is still a lot of work to do but, yeah we gotta wait for the next ship to arrive with our materials, right?

Stay tuned!


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