Summer business…or vacation?!

Hello everyone! It’s been some time since the last blog but work on Valvy surely hasn’t stopped, so what have we done?

Well, it’s summer time, the days are longer, the long fields shine with the sun and you just want to go on a walk enjoying the tree’s shadows… Or so it was what we heard. So now the inhabitants of Burbaix can enjoy the marvels of the rural lands we are building around the town. A brand new farm has popped up right in the outskirts, following the banks of the extended tram line that will eventually connect to Rivès-bas-Montagne. As well as a small creek to irrigate all the new crops and feed the cattle that now populates the landscape. It surely creates some interesting vegetation we hope you will be eager to explore.


But that isn’t it all! With all this new land and roads for people to explore, we are happy to announce the opening of Valvy’s first gas station! Right next to the yard on a major intersection, you can now fill up your car in true late 40’s fashion.

Oh, did I say car? Yes! Valvy is also finally getting some proper road vehicles to populate its vast intricate streets. Let’s just hope people don’t stop using the public transport, mainly now that we are preparing a major overall for the tram network, so stay tuned folks!




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