Tying the knots?

Good morning everyone!

This update blog is basically a short summary of the progress of the latest builds we’ve done, but they haven’t got the chance to get into a blog. So here are all the newest latest changes from areas whom have since then not be reviewed or totally forgotten to be mentioned in other updates! OOPS!

Latest news from Burbaix


Apart from the earlier update about the fields and the new tramway, Burbaix’ fields are populated by some cows! Further we improved the details and have add a lot of environmental textures. And look out where you step tho.. chances are big there might be some cowsh*t….

Latest news from Valvy-West junction

IC Train Direction Luxembourg from Valvy-West is now updated on the tracks. The curvature was a new experiment but it really turned out great!

Latest news from BVBA Blaton

The factory plant has been closed down. And is ready to be remade later on. For now it has some wilderness and nature taking it slowly back. Which gives it a nice role in the story of Valvy.


Those were the little things for now! We’ll see you next time!



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