End of season III

Hello everyone!


Welcome to this new blog! We have been working quite a lot this vacation!

Let’s start off with Gaudin. We’ve finished the last couple of houses and thereby the block is finished. It was an empty area that bothered us for already quite a long time!

Not only did we finish making the city blocks but we improved the detail in the city blocks. Not is there only more detail in quality, but there is more life on the streets! Walls that are being painted, people hanging their clothes outside, litter on the ground in the alleys and so on!

A crucial thing we discovered is that by randomly changing and making some fine touches on the roofs, the view gets even more realistic from far above!

The next thing we updated was the tram station of Valvy. We finally have built the main station and the depot. Still there is a lot to improve as the detailing but for now, we can advance further for a while. The tracks are better and more logically improved, and there is a new shed also. The next painful thing will be making all the catenaries…We’ll see about that later on :p

The next big thing, was, off course, the townhouse of Valvy! Finally!!! After such a long time valvy gets his townhouse, where the mayor can do his business without being interrupted!

After long days and long nights of work inside Valvy, we decided to go out in the countryside and work a bit on the city center of Burbaix. The Random corner garden of Burbaix’ monastery has been replaced by some houses, which does make more sense and adds a deeper emotion around the church.


This has been a lot of work but sadly enough we have to end the season of Valvy here! We both have lives, well not really because we’re both engineering students but nevertheless we don’t have much time to work further on the project…

It doesn’t mean the planning and inspiration continues!

See you guys in the next blog!



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