Winter special 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to this final blog of the year!

The past year was a great success for Valvy, but also for us, as a team! We’ve grown better at each other and it is not just our skills as builders but the interaction keeps growing strong.

Season III was one of the toughest, but the first where we have done soo much in soo less time. This shows our capabilities and dedication towards the project. We’ve increased the details but also built 2 complete new villages. The plans for season IV are already fully made and we cannot wait to start working on it!

We started the year by reworking the station track layout and a whole remake of the park and station square, some heavy work! After the tramline came and the surrounding houses and nature grew around and more trams cross the streets. The city of Valvy got more and more houses, and services such as a school, store, bank, gas station, etc.

The industry came along, Subry and Band et Bavre are now producing at full speed! Their goods can now be transported to the new villages of Burbaix and Rives-bas-Montagne!

Between the villages, the trees and the farm fields grow, cut by the newly built tramline, where the cows watch trams passing by when peacefully eating their grass.

Apart from the general structures, we are now cooperating with the Amberstone server. This gives us future benefits to beautiful projects.

We also wanna thank you guys for all the support this year! Our Twitter has never been more alive and the first experimental videos are rolling in the channel. As everything goes relatively good, we want to wish u all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

-Team Valvy

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