SEASON IV – FINALLY (too soon)

Hello everyone and welcome back to the first blog of the new season!

You might have already checked out the introduction video, and in case you didn’t, you can see it here! Click on the picture below!


So when you’ve seen this season premiere you are already a bit more informed. Our first decision we’ve made is one that was a bit more radical.

Can you remember the Brother’s Steilagen Farm, well those farmers quit their jobs and went for work in the city or nearby factories… or something like that… Well for as far I am concerned the railyard had to be expanded… and so we did. Here is a before and after picture.

We expanded the railyard and made the mainline logical. As in before, there was a track going from the bridge to valvy west and that didn’t make much sense since the station of valvy was on the other side. It was a problem we’ve been dealing with ever since it was made but we didn’t want to rip open the map back then. It was still in our early beginnings as builders of the project but now that we have more experience and courage, this task doesn’t make us scared!


Further, we’ve been adding some more rolling stock for the freight station. You also see the double steam traction of type 64′ hauling a car freight.

Also, a very new addition to the map is this… THING…okay no we should give it a bit more respect after all its a nice piece of history.  So this F*CKING DIESEL… oh doops I did it again…

This is a diesel motor carriage, build in 1939 and provides services on the small branch lines. Although now we’ve just put it in the back of the shed…


Well, so far this has been the first week of the season! Stay tuned guys!




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