Valvy South West docks!

Hello everyone welcome to the newest area of Valvy!

The new area, also called SWD, is an industrial harbour for the new factory “Moulins de Bausoi” the manufacturer of flour bags.

Along with the mills, there also is another factory that stores gravel for the nearby railways. The import comes from the ships, they enter the newly fresh-made docks, and the cranes load them out onto the trains, trams or trucks.

In our latest video, you can see the progress! Here are some more screenshots!

Thank you for the support guys! Stay tuned and we’ll see you in the next!



SEASON IV – FINALLY (too soon)

Hello everyone and welcome back to the first blog of the new season!

You might have already checked out the introduction video, and in case you didn’t, you can see it here! Click on the picture below!


So when you’ve seen this season premiere you are already a bit more informed. Our first decision we’ve made is one that was a bit more radical.

Can you remember the Brother’s Steilagen Farm, well those farmers quit their jobs and went for work in the city or nearby factories… or something like that… Well for as far I am concerned the railyard had to be expanded… and so we did. Here is a before and after picture.

We expanded the railyard and made the mainline logical. As in before, there was a track going from the bridge to valvy west and that didn’t make much sense since the station of valvy was on the other side. It was a problem we’ve been dealing with ever since it was made but we didn’t want to rip open the map back then. It was still in our early beginnings as builders of the project but now that we have more experience and courage, this task doesn’t make us scared!


Further, we’ve been adding some more rolling stock for the freight station. You also see the double steam traction of type 64′ hauling a car freight.

Also, a very new addition to the map is this… THING…okay no we should give it a bit more respect after all its a nice piece of history.  So this F*CKING DIESEL… oh doops I did it again…

This is a diesel motor carriage, build in 1939 and provides services on the small branch lines. Although now we’ve just put it in the back of the shed…


Well, so far this has been the first week of the season! Stay tuned guys!




Winter special 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to this final blog of the year!

The past year was a great success for Valvy, but also for us, as a team! We’ve grown better at each other and it is not just our skills as builders but the interaction keeps growing strong.

Season III was one of the toughest, but the first where we have done soo much in soo less time. This shows our capabilities and dedication towards the project. We’ve increased the details but also built 2 complete new villages. The plans for season IV are already fully made and we cannot wait to start working on it!

We started the year by reworking the station track layout and a whole remake of the park and station square, some heavy work! After the tramline came and the surrounding houses and nature grew around and more trams cross the streets. The city of Valvy got more and more houses, and services such as a school, store, bank, gas station, etc.

The industry came along, Subry and Band et Bavre are now producing at full speed! Their goods can now be transported to the new villages of Burbaix and Rives-bas-Montagne!

Between the villages, the trees and the farm fields grow, cut by the newly built tramline, where the cows watch trams passing by when peacefully eating their grass.

Apart from the general structures, we are now cooperating with the Amberstone server. This gives us future benefits to beautiful projects.

We also wanna thank you guys for all the support this year! Our Twitter has never been more alive and the first experimental videos are rolling in the channel. As everything goes relatively good, we want to wish u all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

-Team Valvy

End of season III

Hello everyone!


Welcome to this new blog! We have been working quite a lot this vacation!

Let’s start off with Gaudin. We’ve finished the last couple of houses and thereby the block is finished. It was an empty area that bothered us for already quite a long time!

Not only did we finish making the city blocks but we improved the detail in the city blocks. Not is there only more detail in quality, but there is more life on the streets! Walls that are being painted, people hanging their clothes outside, litter on the ground in the alleys and so on!

A crucial thing we discovered is that by randomly changing and making some fine touches on the roofs, the view gets even more realistic from far above!

The next thing we updated was the tram station of Valvy. We finally have built the main station and the depot. Still there is a lot to improve as the detailing but for now, we can advance further for a while. The tracks are better and more logically improved, and there is a new shed also. The next painful thing will be making all the catenaries…We’ll see about that later on :p

The next big thing, was, off course, the townhouse of Valvy! Finally!!! After such a long time valvy gets his townhouse, where the mayor can do his business without being interrupted!

After long days and long nights of work inside Valvy, we decided to go out in the countryside and work a bit on the city center of Burbaix. The Random corner garden of Burbaix’ monastery has been replaced by some houses, which does make more sense and adds a deeper emotion around the church.


This has been a lot of work but sadly enough we have to end the season of Valvy here! We both have lives, well not really because we’re both engineering students but nevertheless we don’t have much time to work further on the project…

It doesn’t mean the planning and inspiration continues!

See you guys in the next blog!



Tying the knots?

Good morning everyone!

This update blog is basically a short summary of the progress of the latest builds we’ve done, but they haven’t got the chance to get into a blog. So here are all the newest latest changes from areas whom have since then not be reviewed or totally forgotten to be mentioned in other updates! OOPS!

Latest news from Burbaix


Apart from the earlier update about the fields and the new tramway, Burbaix’ fields are populated by some cows! Further we improved the details and have add a lot of environmental textures. And look out where you step tho.. chances are big there might be some cowsh*t….

Latest news from Valvy-West junction

IC Train Direction Luxembourg from Valvy-West is now updated on the tracks. The curvature was a new experiment but it really turned out great!

Latest news from BVBA Blaton

The factory plant has been closed down. And is ready to be remade later on. For now it has some wilderness and nature taking it slowly back. Which gives it a nice role in the story of Valvy.


Those were the little things for now! We’ll see you next time!



Summer business…or vacation?!

Hello everyone! It’s been some time since the last blog but work on Valvy surely hasn’t stopped, so what have we done?

Well, it’s summer time, the days are longer, the long fields shine with the sun and you just want to go on a walk enjoying the tree’s shadows… Or so it was what we heard. So now the inhabitants of Burbaix can enjoy the marvels of the rural lands we are building around the town. A brand new farm has popped up right in the outskirts, following the banks of the extended tram line that will eventually connect to Rivès-bas-Montagne. As well as a small creek to irrigate all the new crops and feed the cattle that now populates the landscape. It surely creates some interesting vegetation we hope you will be eager to explore.


But that isn’t it all! With all this new land and roads for people to explore, we are happy to announce the opening of Valvy’s first gas station! Right next to the yard on a major intersection, you can now fill up your car in true late 40’s fashion.

Oh, did I say car? Yes! Valvy is also finally getting some proper road vehicles to populate its vast intricate streets. Let’s just hope people don’t stop using the public transport, mainly now that we are preparing a major overall for the tram network, so stay tuned folks!




Waterworks at Rivès-bas-Montagne

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new blog! We’ve started working on the new village of Rivès-bas-Montagne. It is the most south village of the map and lays in a loop of a side river from the Bausoi.

As you can see we started making the terrains. Since the name says it, the village is located at the feet of that little mountain.

After that we started making the little island and the place for the locks.

The little side river is called the Persaise and is quite important for the economy of Valvy, since Bland et Bavre, also ships goods on water.

We started off making the locks and the bridge, it all went really smooth and fast. It was really enjoyable building it, it had such a relaxing feel.

As you can see on the pictures above, the bridge and the locks look awesome right? We immediately continued working on the rest of the island. Since we also updated to the 1.13 version, the seagrass is a really nice addition to the game, and makes it feel even more realistic.

After the island was done it was time to make some houses on it. The corner house is a bar and dormitory for possible shippers who like to take a brake. On the island there will be a couple more houses and a package house. Also will there be a nice kiosk and little town place for the people to relax.

The following pictures are some relaxing views on the further located village: Burbaix.


There is still a lot of work to do but, yeah we gotta wait for the next ship to arrive with our materials, right?

Stay tuned!


Summer upgrades at Burbaix

Hello everyone!

We’re back for a week and we’ve already built like a train with no brakes! First we started on finishing some old houses at the north of Burbaix.

The first house on the picture is the guards house of the rail yard, he sure checks there are no little kids messing around in the evening, cause it is dangerous with those trains running by in the dark!

As next we focused on a nice transition between the center of the village and the farms. Therefore we made this nice little farm behind the school.

On the corner of the street we made again a little house, the tram line cuts nicely between these two properties, it gives a nice view.

This place is so nice, isn’t it ? But we are so excited to be back so we just build even more! It was time to work a bit more on the city center itself. We have made a couple more houses, which gives the main street a more interesting view.

A couple more houses… that’s it? Well hell yeah it is! And they fit nicely, which slowly finishes the village of Burbaix. Every little thing or detail makes it have its full potential!

Here are some air photos from Burbaix. As you can see, there has been a lot of progress and we wont stop soon 🙂

That’s it for today, stay tuned!


Team Valvy

We’re back!

After some weeks of struggling and dying due to the amount of books and knowledge we sucked into our brains. We are back! Time to work, there isn’t much more to say? Well apart from the fact that we well release the new map on 20th August 2019. Stay tuned!



Team Valvy

Overall focus

Hello everyone!

This is quite a big update! We finalized the countryside around the Bausoi. We got an eye out for the detail in this area to make it feel as natural as possible.

We discovered also a new technique for the phone cables. We now use glass panes so make the cables feel more thin and light and it works out pretty well we must admit.

Then we concentrate ourselves a bit more onto the urban area of Burbaix again. The place around the tram station got some new houses and improved detail. It still is a difficult place to get right.

After that we focused on a problem that was there already for a longer time. To be honest, we’ve forgotten it a bit actually… but…we have finally reworked the railway bridge over the Bausoi! The old bridge was too small and had a bad and less realistic shape. So we reworked it and it looks amazing!


The coalship DaFonske is also back! Stay tuned folks.