Welcome to the buildings page!

In Valvy, a part of the goals is to recreate many buildings from real life so accurate as possible or Minecraft lets us to…blocks aren’t always that easy to place…


The first building I recreated was the main station of Valvy. In fact the building isn’t a train station but a high school in Geraardsbergen in Belgium. I liked the design and started to recreate it.


The building is recognizable so, I think I did a great job! I still need to make the interior, but that is for another day…

Later on I recreated the station of Valvy-West, which is in fact a real station located in Enghien in Belgium. The sides turned out a bit more pointy, but lets say its the artistically freedom of the builder.


Following next some buildings from the same town’s city center were recreated and those became the houses at “Place du Gaudin”.

corner gaudin

This building is a bit more trickier because of his angle but we’ve tried and still, this is Minecraft so, don’t judge! At next we have the statue from “Place du Gaudin”.



Then we have the bar on the corner of the square. Seems like a pretty cozy place to be!

The tram depot wasn’t that difficult to recreate and it did turned out pretty good!

tram depot

After all these small builds we managed to recreate something bigger, actually multiple big projects. To start with we have the church of Valvy, which is again the church from the same town, Enghien.


That built was quit interesting to do. A lot of difficult and complex structures but we managed to bring it to a go(o)d end. As it seems we are pretty fond of churches, we have another one ready! The church of Dinant. A bit higher but it was less complex. The Gothic style also was fun to recreate!


After these bigger builds we also have some smaller ones. Like this railbridge across the river. We made some mistake with the shape of the bridge, but we let it be because, it also does look good!


Then we have the farmlands and the farmhouse in the peaceful landscape.


One of our latest recreations was one of the big houses in the city center of Valvy, the real corner building is actually located in Zottegem.

white corner building.png


The station building of Ath is one of the newest buildings that we’ve recreated we are quite proud of it!


We are busy looking for cool builds to recreate and we’ll keep you updated!


Btw, here are some cool photoshopped pictures of the builds!

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